• About Us

We are the cultural tourism development specialist – turning idea’s into commercial reality

A few words from founder, Mike Tamaki

Most successful businesses start with great ideas, usually formulated on the back of a serviette in a noisy café. That’s exactly how I started this multi-million-dollar business over 30 years ago. I’m Mike Tamaki, Principle Founder of Tamaki Maori Village, Spirits of the Red Sand and Global Storytellers. Most people know me as one of the ‘Tamaki Brothers’, creator of the Tamaki Māori Village in Rotorua New Zealand. I have been involved in the tourism and travel industry for the past 40 years and during that time have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry: from personal holiday travel experiences to developing major tourism attractions. Our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience and offer a comprehensive range of tools, tips and guidelines for those looking to develop meaningful tourism experiences. Now residing in Queensland Australia, I work extensively with indigenous people from around the world on collaborative projects, tourism workshops and presentations. Recent projects include:  Cree and Blackfoot in Lethbridge; Val-d’Or and Vancouver Canada; Polynesians throughout the Pacific; Aboriginal mobs in Perth WA, Brewarrina NSW, South East Queensland; Māori in New Zealand and a Northern Vietnamese project.

Global Storytellers are experts in: 

  • Cultural tourism
  • Indigenous business development
  • Government and indigenous leader negotiations
  • Commercial planning
  • Tourism product and attractions creation
  • Retail, hospitality, and service industry
  • Concept and story creation
  • Product design
  • Multi-media integration
  • Quality control
  • Risk mitigation
  • Project management
  • Planning and strategy
  • Design, marketing, sales
  • Operations and administration

Our Goals

To enrich and enable communities through cultural tourism

Our Founding Roots 

In 1987 the building of the Tamaki business began with a foundation of grand ideas, incredible passion, and steely resolve to make it all happen. While sweat equity was in great abundance, real capital was sadly lacking and so too was any interest from lenders in the banking world. From the proceeds of the sale of a treasured Harley Davidson motorcycle, a 16-seater mini bus was purchased to start what was to become a multi-million dollar, award-winning business that was to change the landscape of New Zealand’s iconic cultural tourism sector.

What makes Global Storytellers unique is we are not just a consulting company, we have skin in the game and the expertise and know-how to create award-winning cultural experiences that will empower your culture and create a rich legacy for your people, your culture and your stories.

Our Profile of Success 


With the proceeds from selling the prized Harley to buy the first 16-seater tourism experience, Tamaki Maori Village was born.  Tamaki Maori Village was the original Maori hangi and concert experience in New Zealand, created from my passion to see indigenous tourism centre stage, not a mere window dressing. One of the pillars to our success has been our ability to continually innovate and identify new concepts in the delivery of indigenous experiences, therefore maintaining the wow factor for domestic, international and educational markets. We have also acquired various tourism businesses to diversify our mix of visitor excursions ranging from adventure trails and treks to themed accommodation and major cultural events.

Hard work and grass-roots tactics created this business and as the business grew, awards were received and we became known internationally, other indigenous operators wanted to know our secret.  How had we achieved international recognition?  How had we gained such success in a short amount of time?  It was during this time we were asked to host cultural workshops, participate in panel discussions and lead keynote presentations at major economic forums.

Our continued success and growth soon established Global Storytellers as one of the most successful, privately owned indigenous businesses in the tourism industry, delivering cutting edge, innovative and authentic cultural experiences.

Global Storytelliners is a ‘skin in the game’ consultant who will guide you every step of the way as you create your own indigenous experience and perfect the balance between cultural integrity and economic viability.

New world–New tourism 


Imagine being a part of living history through re-enactment experiences of great characters or events whose influences changed the world forever. Characters such as King Arthur, William Wallace, Crazy Horse, Genghis Khan, Erik the Red or Jesus the Christ, told by the descendants or the disciples. Or following stories of great events such as the ‘Trail of Tears’, ‘Spirits of the Red Sand’, ‘Pearl Harbour’ and many more from around the world.

Global Storytellers are a team of travel and tourism professionals with the skill in storytelling expertise to link destinations with story trails, much like chapters in a novel. Even the landscape you pass through on your journey from one destination to another comes to life through smart technology via GPS mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality and audio commentary from your personal storyteller guide of the region you are in, bringing history, stories, characters, cultures and events to life.

Some stories are designed to be regionally based, others across entire countries and others, yet again, traversing entire countries and Islands-like the revived famous ‘Coral Route’ renowned as the most romantic South Seas travel itinerary.

With Global Storytellers, the story becomes the principle reason for travel and the destination a result of the story. And like any good novel, you won’t be able to put it down.

Global Storytelling and Global Story Travelling

Essentially the entire vehicle is designed to offer global travellers a unique and different reason to travel the world. Apart from the usual reasons that have been around for years…the cry for something different is becoming louder. There is a new traveller in the world today known as the “interactive” traveller. One that wants to engage in a country’s scenery, culture and people, in a more intimate and holistic way.

Storytelling pulls together true events, people, landscapes, cultures, regions, Islands and nations. Choose a story to follow, in a specific destination and begin from chapter one on a journey of amazing adventure, exploration that may charter true stories of war, peace, survival and romance.


Which Story Shall We Follow This Year?

The story will take you to the destination. One story may cover two to three destinations so you are not restricted by borders…the story becomes the reason for travel.

Storytelling is the most amazing means of connecting people and cultures of a destination. It allows the host to tell their story with truth, conviction and pride. Real people–real stories, descendants who have scribed their life experiences in the very mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes of their homelands. Stories that become the lifeblood of generations to follow passing down a sense of place, a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. Stories that maintain a people’s existence.

Global Storytellers will develop your story and your experience will then become part of the Global Storytellers family providing access to a global database of travel trade and consumers.