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Global Storytellers is an international consultancy specialising in strategic and operational planning for all aspects of indigenous tourism development, destination management and marketing.

We have extensive experience in starting and operating successful and real tourism products and provide our clients with curated market driven solutions that generate triple bottom line outcomes: economic, environmental, and socio-cultural.

From ideas to architectural concept plans and drawings, infrastructure design through to virtual reality flythrough, our team of highly experienced consultants, designers, marketers, and operators will work stage by stage with you in turning your vision to a reality.

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  • Case study:

    Spirits of the Red Sand

    Voted No.1 Must Do Queensland Attraction, Spirits of the Red Sand shares 60,000 years of Aboriginal culture in a world-first platform for Australian Aboriginals to tell their stories in an immersive and interactive ways. By day, Welcome to Country is an invitation to discover ancient Aboriginal customs and rituals and by night, the award-winning Evening Experience takes you from Dreamtime to 1800’s Australia when the British and Aboriginal ways of life collide.

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  • Case study:

    Tamaki Maori Village

    Tamaki Maori Village began as a dream to share Maori culture and has resulted in the most awarded cultural attraction in New Zealand.  1989 was the year it all began. Doug and Mike Tamaki forged a turning point for tourism in Rotorua and forever changed the way people from around the world experienced cultural storytelling. Two kiwi cowboys doing things a bit differently.

    Everything about this original Maori hangi and concert was done the hard way. With no investment capital, it was all family on deck to deliver brochures, make bookings, perform in the shows and cook the hangi night after night.  The moral of the story here is that we started with an idea, we wanted to showcase our culture and that’s about all we knew how to do and we did it with heart and soul.  We believed in our dream and we just kept working at it.

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