Spirits of the Red Sand

Case study

While much is known and shared on a global stage for Māori culture, little to nothing is known of Australia’s indigenous Aboriginals. The partner for Spirits of the Red Sand is a well-known Aboriginal family who started a dance and drama group in the mid-1990s and had been sharing their culture on a global stage for the last 20 years. Their dream was to create a permanent home where their stories could be told. They wanted to be more than the filler entertainment, more than window dressing before the main event. In some ways this defied description, because there’s nothing like Spirits of the Red Sand anywhere else in Australia, but that’s where Global Storytellers came into the picture.

The Research and Planning Phase

Once Global Storytellers was contracted to create a world-first in authentic and immersive Aboriginal cultural experiences, we started the journey to learn the histories of the people and its culture.

Part historical re-enactment, part gritty docudrama, Spirits of the Red Sand  tells the story of the clash of cultures that occurred when the British arrived in Australia in the 1800s, claiming Aboriginal lands as their own and depriving the local people of their traditional hunting grounds.

We are led by a Storyteller on a journey through the open air performance spaces where an immersive and powerful story unfolds full of conflict, drama, and emotion.

A ‘roving theatre’ and dinner experience is born

Each of the seven chapters is set in a series of meticulously-reconstructed historical locations-from an authentic Aboriginal village complete with clapsticks and the smell of woodsmoke to a genuine 19th Century wooden church. Clever ambient lighting and technology adds an extra injection of atmosphere. The Evening Experience includes a 3-course dinner infused with bush-flavours, a unique ‘roving theatre’ experience and the opportunity to meet and mingle with cast during dinner.

Spirits of the Red Sand is a 2.5-hour ‘roving theatre’ and dinner experience that takes you beyond Dreamtime to 1800’s Australia. This powerful historical re-enactment follows the story of three Aboriginal brothers set to meet the British newcomers for the first time. As chapters of a true moving story unfold before you, history is brought to life through vivid storytelling, song, dance and ancient Aboriginal ceremonies – you’re immersed in it!

What visitors are saying

”Entertaining and Heart Felt Experience - This quality experience was a combination of entertainment and education, a heart felt journey back in time. The setting, the cast, the story and the service was simply outstanding. I highly recommend this experience.”

Linda T - October 2020

”Delighted, challenged, moved, amazed and proud of our local talent!”

Jim B - November 2020