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Bringing learning to life

As we come into this world, learning how to navigate our way through life is a constant practice. Our first words, habits, values, and traditions are shaped by the world we live in and are constantly evolving.

Over time, this learning becomes a part of our history, a living legacy that defines who we are as individuals, through stories that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Global Storyteller’s has a passion for empowering communities to be self-sustaining.  One of the ways you can do this for your community is to work with Global Storyteller’s to create your own indigenous tourism experience.  This can include historical re-enactments, cultural shows, bush tucker walks and cooking classes to educational experiences and cultural awareness programs.

Global Storytellers has had much success starting with educational cultural programs for local, interstate, international schools and visiting colleges.

Empowering communities

For many indigenous people, storytelling is an ancient art that is as educational as it is an intricate element of preserving culture and empowering communities. From remote areas in Northern Vietnam to the first Nations people in Canada, there is a willingness to share true stories and learned lessons that make the difference between surviving and thriving.

Global Storytellers’ collection of acclaimed tourism products combined with the knowledge and experience of our team of industry leaders is a powerful gateway to learning for life.

Customisable and designed with purpose, the Global Storytellers platform delivers quality learning experiences, richer understanding, and memorable encounters for primary, secondary, and tertiary students enrolled in any school or learning institution around the world.

Real learning in real life settings

Our mission to inspire and empower students as lifelong learners. Offering programmes and experiences that are hands on, engaging and as close to the source of truth as possible, we believe that learning outside the standard classroom environment can enrich any curriculum framework and connect with students on a deeper level.

By providing these experiences for students–we bring history, culture and learning to life. GlobalStorytellers takes learning to the next level. It’s beyond the classroom environment and into authentic environments where students can experience with their own eyes, a window to the past in present day realities.

At Spirits of the Red Sand in Queensland Australia, students discover an authentic pre-European village and partake in traditional Aboriginal life–beginning with Dreamtime, to the rhythm of the didgeridoo, the symbolism behind body paint, the cleansing properties of a traditional smoking ceremony as well as bush tucker tasting. This is an invitation to see, touch, hear and taste the world’s oldest living culture for a learning experience like no other.

Pre and post visit support

Our commitment to enriched learning experiences is enhanced by the offer of pre-and post-visit support information along with interactive discussions between teachers and our staff to support effective learning. 

At Tamaki Maori Village, we created a program of pre-school visitation to get the students excited about the roles and activities they would encounter when entering into the world of the Maori

Our cultural education programs are carefully crafted to deliver three vital outcomes:

  • Effective teaching
  • Family and community engagement in education
  • Assurance we are a Quality provider

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Education Programmes

All education programmes are designed to embrace five competencies that existing education curriculum identify as key to learning:

  1. Thinking
  2. Using language, symbols, and texts
  3. Managing self
  4. Relating to others
  5. Participating and contributing

Beyond the educational aspect of the Global Storytellers’ cultural programme, this vehicle for learning is beneficial in preserving culture, empowering communities through socio-economic development and creating true connection amongst people.

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September 25, 2020