• From Concept to Conqueror

From the start, our goal for change has been to create a point by point indigenous integration
strategy that translates into a sustainable and a holistic approach to commercial tourism.

Businesses and communities need to be even more vigilant in communicating
their value proposition not only to potential customers, but to vendors, partners, investors and most
importantly their own teams.

Mapping out the balance amidst economic viability, commercial realities, sustainable success,
individual business development, community involvement, return on investment, promotion of
pride in cultural integrity and values through cross section educational delivery.

But that’s quite a lot of corporate jargon there, many that indigenous people don’t understand. It’s a
lot to unpack and one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. So how do we get past the barrier, where
does the rubber meet the road?

Our team at Global Storytellers will walk through this with you – starting with running you through our detailed checklist to understand what you want to do so we can begin to make it happen.  This plan forms the base of your project.  


Stage 1 Scope

We have a look at your dream and who you are as a people. A deep dive into understanding your
culture, etiquette, protocols, how you think, how you talk, we get an understanding of you as a
people. What is your story and how do you want it told? If your idea does not have potential, we
will let you know from the start without any cost to you. But if your idea is promising, then Global
Storytellers will set the wheels in motion to drive the project to realisation.

Stage 2 Strategy

The next phase involves site development, concept design, and storytelling curation. Along every
stage, you will feel the burn. In order to make it work, you will have to take ownership and make
sacrifices along the way. How much are you willing to risk and put into it your passion? That sense of
ownership goes a long way to driving turning ideas into a reality.

Stage 3 Execution

It is one thing to have the idea and a great plan, but it must then be executed.  Our team will run you through the necessary steps to start the project, from systems and reservations,  business licences, marketing research and collateral, sales strategies and distribution.


Stage 4 Development

Development involves the actual operations of the experience, finding and developing the team, refining the storyline, setting up the site operations, food and beverage, retail.  You are on the final stretch once you have the actual product ready to open.


Step 5 Management

Your product is now up and running and now it needs constant refinement.  Management needs to find ways to save money, reduce costs, leverage grant funding, increase awareness and the team need to believe in the plan and the purpose of the project.  It is after this final phase that you are fully operational with a lean team of managers who can successfully execute operations, finance, marketing and production.

August 27, 2019