Explore NZ’s most active volcano

Join the White Island Tours™ crew for a 5 to 6 hour adventure to explore New Zealand’s most active volcano – Whakaari/White Island.

Sitting 49km off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island, this is one of the world’s most accessible live volcanoes. With the majority of the volcano sitting beneath the sea it means we are able to disembark directly into the crater complex – no mountain climbing required. Being a live volcano there is little doubt that Whakaari/White Island​ is home to New Zealand’s most impressive geothermal activity.

Visitors are able to get up close to roaring steam vents, bubbling pits of mud, hot volcanic streams and the amazing lake of steaming acid. The vivid hues of yellow and orange resulting from the abundant sulphur on the island make it a photographer’s dream. Experienced guides will lead you on a 1 – 1.5 hour exploration of the inner crater, providing a fascinating commentary on the geology of the island as well as stories of attempts to mine sulphur.