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The world is shifting, and we are standing at the crossroads rethinking our ways of travel. Looking at the past to find our way forward, a glimpse into the future face of travel requires a more holistic, conscientious approach.
Increasingly, travellers are looking to escape their devices to reconnect to the simple things in life. Getting back to nature, doing something hands-on, learning something new, connecting with people and place for deeper, more meaningful experiences. Interestingly and ironically, technology is assisting us more and more to connect and interact with real humans as we seek to regain what our generation is losing rapidly.

Technology to thrive

The Global Storytellers team believes in integrating technology with integrity and keeping in touch with the source. The state-of-the-art technology we have developed through the years takes nothing away from the depth of the culture itself. Its simply adds another dimension and depth to travel experiences.
Technology plays a supportive role and gives us a platform to better tell our stories, providing quality, value, and immersion. Through smart technology via GPS mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, and audio commentary from your personal storyteller, we will walk you through the steps to bring history, stories, characters, cultures, and events to life.
With a state-of-the-art retail booking and smart distribution system, Global Storytellers can support and enhance the end to end customer journey. Via GPS, each guest has access to are volutionary mobile travel app throughout their entire journey. Your experience can also be integrated and showcased on the app to provide you with a built-in marketing and distribution tool for direct business.

Virtual Reality at Spirits of the Red Sand

Imagine this. Walking through an authentic Aboriginal village, surrounded by traditional gunya’s (shelter huts) and with the support of augmented reality, an ancestor appears before your eyes. So real that you feel their presence in your bones.
This type of theatrical delivery is not just on the screen, but everywhere around you. Amidst the smoke and lights, there is the storyteller on one-side, old Jarrah sitting on the other, and the direct descendants speaking their truth. The link between past and present is created and heightened.


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September 25, 2020